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"The tone of this pedal is incredible, and has a very fat sound. It literally makes you're Fender amp and Fender guitar sound like you're playing through a Gibson and a Marshall. My guitar and amp of choice are my American Standard Fender Stratocaster and my Fender 1965 Deluxe Reverb Reissue amp. The tone with my stratocaster sounds incredible!"

− Luke Enyeart

"Great, great, great pedal!
So pleased, worth every penny.
Thank you,

− James Cook

"I am the proud owner of SMFuzz 42 and loving it!!! The packaging is great and the custom picks are a nice surprise.
I am not a professional musician so I can't give you all sorts of technical details of the pedal. I can tell you however that my #42 has certainly changed the sound of my playing. I have dispensed with my overdrive and distortion pedals as SMFuzz is doing it all. Nice and simple to operate and produces a sound that I have been searching for. It certainly can blow the roof off of my home when it is at full blast. It amazingly seems to make my playing better, I have found that I am trying different things with my playing because my rig sounds so much better. It sounds incredible
GUITAR:1976 Fender Tele Deluxe with 2 Seth Lover designed humbuckers
AMP: '70's Fender Blues Deville amps x2 212 and a 410."

− Rafal Szafran

"I know you've heard this a lot, but you have made a superb pedal. I'm getting closer and closer to just leaving it turned on throughout entire gigs! I find it really sweetens my clean sound with the guitar volume rolled down, and then has all the dirt that I want just a touch away. I really can't rave this pedal enough! "

− Matthew Archer

"This fuzz pedal has replaced every other fuzz I used to use. I’ve sold 2 of them since I bought this! Finally I have the key to the unique tones such as the heavy fuzz on Can’t Take No More and the subtle fuzz on All That We Were solo. This pedal in no way limits you to Scotts tone as there are so many unexplored sounds in this pedal; Just a simple tweak of your volume on the guitar and you can sculpt new tones. Simply put, this is a must have pedal for fuzz enthusiasts.
Guitar: Custom Hendrix reverse strat. Amp: Marshall MG50 DFX"

− Ben Molineux

"I'm really happy with the pedal, definitely it's worth every cent. It's great for any genre of music, I just can't play without it anymore, it really has to be one of the best pedals on the market.
It's not only the fantastic sound you get out of the pedal, but it also looks so good."

− Danel Illarramendi

"I am very happy with my SM Fuzz it is really one of the best fuzz pedals I have owned and I have got many of them. What I like first of all is that you can easily get a very beautiful crunch and then clean sound just by turning the volume knob of the guitar, without losing the treble and mid. Also, even if the gain knob is at his level maximum, you can easily hear all the notes, this fuzz is very precise and reacts very well!"

− Jean-Luc Balaguer

"I love it! What I love most about this pedal is how easy it is to tweak the sound, seeing how the fuzz tone control is completely separate from the output volume. It may be a small thing, but I hate having to alter the amount of gain after I increase or decrease the volume on a pedal, but with this pedal I can dial in the fuzz sound and then alter the volume as I please. I want to express my gratitude to you and your team for this product.
Guitar: 1996 SRV Strat
Amp: Two Rock 100 watt custom"

− Jonathan Njo

"And what a wonderful pedal it is! It's so warm and soulful. There's so much character in the sound that this pedal provides. You can get a wide variety of sounds from clean to slight OD and from crunchy fuzz to total ‘splattery’ fuzz sound just by playing with the guitars volume. It's amazing how it reacts to picking dynamics and the clarity of the sound is just wonderful. It also cleans up to almost 100% clean. If I back down the guitars volume to around nine I get this great transparent OD sound.
Compared to other fuzz pedals I’ve used the SM Fuzz has a lot more bite and character to the sound and there's more clarity. It sounds a lot warmer in every setting and there's rich harmonic overtones in there that other fuzz’s just don’t have. It's really hard to put it in words how great this pedal is.
But all I can say is that MY FUZZ QUEST IS OVER! I've found
'the sound'!"

− Riku Saarinen